DesignLINK Principal Members:
Neil Warren / N Design Ltd.
Akihiro Kawanabe / Kawanabe Design Inc.

-- January 6, 2014: Following a personal interview led by actress Yoko Shimada, DesignLINK was featured as one of the architectural design firms
  selected for publication in CENTURY magazine in their January 2014 issue under the theme "Modern Image", in an article entitled
  "The Glow of Sophistication in Architectural Design" (page 125).
-- October 24, 2013: The Japan Housing Finance Agency selected Via Circo as the "Best Project of the Year".
  Via Circo was one of over 400 nominated projects that were funded by the agency in 2013.
-- August 16, 2013: The Nagoya International School Science & Art Classrooms were completed and opened.
-- February 6, 2013: Via Circo, a new multiple-dwelling apartment complex, was completed and opened to tenants.
  Total floor area 1180m2, 2-story wooden construction, 19 different apartment units.

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-- Programming DesignLINK is a TEAM  
-- Master Planning  -- The DesignLINK team is a group of independent design offices centered on architectural and
-- Project Management   interior design, as the core part of a closely-linked network of professional resources encompassing
-- Architectural Design    the full range of architectural / engineering services.
-- Interior Design  -- With the "team concept" we put together exactly the right combination of members to suit the type
-- Structural Engineering    and scale of the project and the particular needs of the client.
-- Mechanical Engineering  -- The core of the DesignLINK team consists of licensed architects with many years of experience
-- Electrical Engineering    working with international companies in the Japanese market, with extensive expertise in working
-- Lighting Design    with the Japanese code authorities and the local construction industry.
-- Landscape Design  -- The bilingual capability of the DesignLINK team assures clear communication at all stages of  
-- Construction Management    project interaction, from client contact through contractor coordination.
-- Construction (Design/Build)  -- Working in the international market also means working overseas -- DesignLINK has served as a 
-- FEE Procurement    design consultant on many projects outside of Japan, coordinating with Japanese and international
-- Artwork Program Consulting    clients on projects in other countries in the Asia region.




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